Joaquim Duarte Urmal & Filhos Lda

Extraction and Transformation of Ornamental Stones


Joaquim Duarte Urmal & Filhos Lda


Marble and Limestone Business. Extraction and Transformation. Since 1946

Urmal started its business in the 40s, being one of the oldest companies working in extraction and processing of natural stone for the construction industry, with particular emphasis on the transformation of limestones and marbles.

It was partially responsible for the introduction of many Portuguese materials in major overseas markets, exporting for over 50 years for different countries. Has over the years provided some of the most important and prestigious projects in locations like North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The relationship with the customer has been achieved through an intense focus on the selection of raw materials, the continuous optimization of the production processes, the improvement of the level of customer service and a growing promotion in priority markets for the company.

Urmal systematically won the prestigious award of PME and PME Excellence between 1993 and 2001. Recently achieved the status of PME Leader. Its production is controlled by a system of quality management in addition to the CE marking system.

Annually produces and sells about 7k tons of material, from simple standard tiles to carved or water jet assembled panels.

Project Inovstone


In addition to the national market, it has major markets


United States

Representing about 45% of total production;


France, Belgium, Russia and the rest of Europe representing approximately 25% of production;

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and Asian market (South Korea and Japan), with about 10% of production.


Urmal production facilities are located in Pêro Pinheiro, in a 23.000 m2 area of which 6.000 m2 is indoor.
Has an annual transformation capacity of around 300.000 m2.

Equipped with the most advanced technology for marble and limestone, has a sawing capacity of 450 blades and a CNC wire.

Has a cutting section of several computer controled CNC machines and a waterjet machine.

Several polishing lines for slabs and tiles, side by side with the traditional processes.

In its finishing area, all materials are controlled and packaged according with the clients specifications.


Urmal has 2 quarries of its own that are distributed among the Alentejo and the region of Sintra.

- Penedinhos Quarry (County of Sintra)
Extracts Lioz and Lioz Abancado

- Viana do Alentejo Quarry (County of Viana do Alentejo
Extracts Green Crystal type marbles

Sustainable Production

We seek to produce stone products always considering 3 pillars of sustainability: Social, Energy and Environmental.

“Environmental friendly”
Recycle, Reuse and Reduce are concepts that are presente in Urmal’s daily activities

  • All new equipments are acquired considering cleaner processed with less waste or using less resources (energy and water);
  • Has particle retaining units;
  • Separates and recycle disposes of its residues (paper, glass, plastic, oils, batteries, etc)
  • Greatly focus on Portuguese products and subsidiary recycled products;
  • Reuses production water through cleaning and decantation;
  • Takes all their waste products to a properly licensed landfill (Gestilamas) or to licensed disposal entities;
  • Is a member of GESTILAMAS- Associação De Industriais Para Gestão De Subprodutos Da Pedra Natural;
  • Has a registry in the integrated environmental licensing System “Sistema Integrado De Licenciamento Do Ambiente”